#G-Tube Problems

mic-key g-tube gastric tube

Jacob’s Mic-Key button tube

So this happened the other day.

I was heading out to dinner with a girlfriend, and had just finished feeding Jacob. Justin wanted to push his medicine through his G-tube before I left. Being in something of a rush, he forgot to open the pinch point (see diagram) before pushing the medicine through the MIC. The pressure had to be relieved somehow, so the feed tube port opened and spewed Jacob’s medicine out, getting it all over my pants and leaving Justin flustered and me messy, which I am beginning to see is the perpetual state of a mom of a boy younger than, say, fifteen. #g-tube problems

One thought on “#G-Tube Problems

  1. Tell Justin the same happened to me with my PIC line. Kept pushing and pushing…started to panic. Was worried I was somehow pushing air into the vessel next to my heart. Called nurse….voila..simple if you had been performing this procedure for a while….not so much when you are a newbie. Sorry about your outfit.


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