My Two Cents: My Button Buddies

IMG_2670Jacob’s pediatric surgeon recommended that we purchase MyButtonBuddies to protect the skin around his Mic-Key button and keep it from rocking too much while he does tummy time. Before, I was using IV gauze, which didn’t stay on and had to be replaced several times a day. MyButtonBuddies are so much better. They come in fun prints. They fit perfectly around the button. And they’re washable, which is right up my alley as a cloth diapering mom (more on that later). I did take several pictures with him looking less miserable, but I think the expression on his face here is hilarious. If he wanted me to use the one with the lion instead of the dinosaurs, he could have just asked. Really, he was angry because we were about two and a half minutes past his regularly scheduled second dinner.

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