Jacob at (almost) three months: a day in the life

4:30 AM

Mommy comes in to give me a bottle. I’m happy to see her and give her a big smile. I might have slept longer but my doctor says it’s important for me not to go too long without eating. I’m totally okay with that and suck down my bottle like it’s my job (which it is). After I eat Mommy puts me back in my crib and I drift off to sleep.

7:00 AM

Mommy’s back! Woo hoo! Time to get my diaper changed and eat again. I love the new warm cloth wipes with coconut oil Mommy is using. My tooshie is the softest one on the block. I’m super excited that it’s morning and so I take forever to eat my bottle because I’m looking around and talking.

7:45 AM

Playtime in the play gym! Mommy is attaching the weird mysterious things to her milk pillows. Not sure what that’s about but I don’t care because PLAY GYM and COLORS and MUSIC! This is the best thing ever!

8:05 AM


8:08 AM

Now I am super happy snuggled up on Mommy’s chest in the carrier. What are you doing Mommy? Mixing my formula for the day? Can I watch?

9:30 AM

How long have I been asleep? I would like to look at my awesome bug toy now. Also, read to me.

10:30 AM

I’m tired again. Time for a quick nap.

11:00 AM

Um, excuse me, Mommy, I’m a bit hungry.

11:02 AM


11:06 AM

Nom nom, this is delicious. I am going to suck it down like I didn’t eat just a couple hours ago. After I’m done eating I’m going to laugh for the first time, and you are going to try everything you can think of to get me to laugh again. Nanny nanny poo poo. I don’t laugh on demand, silly.

12:00 PM

Not the carseat again! Where did you go Mommy? I’m not sure I like this. Oh, wait, there’s the carseat cover with the bees again. I love bees.

12:40 PM

How long have I been asleep? Also, how did you get me into the Baby K’Tan without waking me up?

12:45 PM

I love going shopping with you, Mommy. And because I love you, I feel the need to warn you that Daddy is going to make fun of you for buying the 3-pack of 48oz containers of ketchup. He doesn’t understand that buying in bulk and using coupons is pretty much a prerequisite for qualifying as a stay-at-home mom.

2:30 PM

I keep going to sleep somewhere and waking up somewhere else. How did I get in my crib? I’m like a tiny drunk person.

3:00 PM

Mommy is holding the pink square in front of my face again. She keeps talking to people who live inside of it. This is very confusing but I still enjoy blowing bubbles and watching Mommy smile at me.

3:30 PM

Time for second lunch, or first dinner, depending on how you look at it.

4:00 PM

If you keep singing me songs from Mary Poppins my first word is going to be supercalafragalisticexpialadocious.

4:30 PM

Mommy has me sleeping in my crib now instead of the bassinet. That’s fine by me as long as she keeps singing me to sleep. Amazing Grace is my favorite lullabye.

6:30 PM

Daddy’s home! I must tell him all about my day. The best parts were the eating, the playtime, the snuggles, and the naps. Oh, wait, that was my whole day.

6:35 PM

Oh, look at the time! It’s that time of day when I’m obligated by baby law to fuss and generally be grumpy. For the next 30 minutes, I will demand to be alternately entertained and snuggled depending on my whim at any given moment. 

7:05 PM

Mommy, I’m hungry again.

7:30 PM

Mommy, I’m tired again.

10:00 PM

Oh, hi Mommy. Is it time to eat again? Yay!

10:30 PM

I don’t think I actually fully woke up, so I’m just going to go ahead and go back to sleep. Goodnight world!

2 thoughts on “Jacob at (almost) three months: a day in the life

  1. Oh. Baby law hell time is so rough…and that’s Justin’s core baby lovin’ time. Thinking of you. You’re jokes today were pretty funny! Heather


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