Food, Glorious Food!

Now that Jacob is nearly 6 months and just about sitting up, we are starting to play with solids! We have decided to embrace the mess and try baby led weaning. Once a day, I put Jacob in his high chair (or on my lap at the dinner table) and offer him some soft solids. Read: carrot sticks steamed to the point of mushiness, slices of avocado, sweet potato sticks – anything large enough to grasp but mushy enough to swallow. I tried sweet potatoes and carrots first, but he was not a fan…

IMG_0226 IMG_0227 IMG_0237 IMG_0224

Yesterday, I put him in the high chair and offered him some ripe avocado. Like everything, it went straight in his mouth, but unlike the orange veggies, he seemed to actually enjoy it! Had he been more coordinated, I bet he would have eaten every bit, but he is still learning how to use those chubby little hands.

IMG_3948 IMG_3941 IMG_3945 IMG_3940I often get asked (a) why are you doing baby-led weaning? and (b) how does citrullinemia affect Jacob’s diet? My answer to (b) actually has a lot to do with my answer to (a). For all intents and purposes, Jacob will be a vegan, but his diet will be even more restricted than the typical vegan diet. Vegan diets include a number of rich protein sources, including beans, seeds, and nuts.  Jacob gets a limited daily protein “allowance,” so the overwhelming majority of his calories will come from fruits and vegetables. My goal for him is to enjoy as varied a diet as possible and to enjoy eating. Proponents of baby-led weaning argue that allowing children to explore the shapes, colors, and textures of food early on leads to them become more enthusiastic and adventurous eaters. This is exactly what I want for Jacob! And judging by his enthusiasm for avocado, I think we are already on our way.

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