And here we are, in 2016. The year after the year of Jacob’s birth, looking back at so many firsts. First smile, first laugh, first tooth, first Christmas. We are a month and a day away from Jacob’s first birthday. Then we will begin to count in years instead of months, and the firsts, while still plentiful, will slowly dwindle, gradually supplanted by lasts. It is fitting, maybe, that firsts are marked, celebrated. They are an occasion. Whereas lasts happen unnoticed. When was the last time Jacob wore a newborn-sized outfit? I couldn’t tell you the day. The last time he rode in his infant car seat before we graduated to the big-boy seat? No idea. One day he will ask for his milk in a cup, and, just like that, I will know that he has had his last bottle. There will be a last morning nap, a last meal in the high chair, a last poopy diaper, a last game of peek-a-boo, on unremarkable days in an all-too-soon future.

So, hello, 2016. Nice to see you. Please stay awhile. I have a feeling that when you leave, you will take my chubby-thighed baby with you and I will find a walking, talking little boy in his place.


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