Friday Photo (Series): Jacob sticking out his tongue

(Almost) everyone is feeling better in the Craft household, and Jacob is back to his antics of getting into things, practicing standing up, and generally making everyone around him happy.

He has a bottom tooth now, but you’d never know it because the kid is always licking things. Yes, in the third picture he is licking my face, and I would be lying if I told you it was the first time.

Friday Photo: Selfie Series

It has been a fairly quiet month on this blog, which is certainly not a bad thing. Things have been humming along in Jacob world, and he is doing so well! I am overdue for the June video (coming this weekend!) and soon I need to post about our upcoming adventure in solid foods (gasp!). We are going to be trying baby-led weaning. It will be my job to estimate how much food (protein) ends up in Jacob’s mouth and how much ends up smooshed on the tray table, in between baby folds, in his hair, and on the floor. Stay tuned for more details on the nitty-gritty of baby-led weaning with citrullinemia.

In the meantime, a photo series: