What Jacob’s Eating (And What He’s Not)

When Jacob turned one, our new daily protein limit (goal?) became 9 grams.

Now, this might not seem like a lot… a cup of Greek yogurt contains 24 grams of protein. But when you have a toddler who is, shall we say, selective – nay, mercurial – about his eating habits, 9 grams is a challenge.

Whereas I plan my weekly dinner menu a week ahead for Justin and me, I’m usually at a loss for Jacob. Without fail, mealtime arrives and I stick Jacob in his high chair with a handful of Cheerios while I scavenge for something he might like. As a result, he eats a whole lot of avocado, yogurt, strawberries, and bananas, along with assorted prepackaged veggie purees.

In an effort to branch out, I promised myself that I would try a couple made-from-scratch foods for him along with some frozen goodies that I picked up at Fresh Market.

baby eating spinach patties

So far, the storebought dino-shaped Dr. Praeger’s spinach littles (.5 g protein each) have been a huge hit. On the other hand, the butternut squash and paprika low-pro mac and cheese that I made from scratch – immediately rejected. What kid doesn’t like mac and cheese? (Okay, to be fair, the “cheese” was mostly pureed butternut squash with a smattering of dairy-free Daiya cheddar. Not exactly your typical comfort food. But still.)

Trying to think outside of the box, we turned on Regulator by Warren G to encourage him to eat. It didn’t help, but did make for some entertaining video. Fast forward to 0:40 for the best part.

This morning’s breakfast of toaster waffles with butter and jam was also rejected. I may have eaten those. I don’t regret this. Waste not, want not, right?